Have you done all the courses and things in your online business, but you’re still spinning your wheels?

You want to get past your fears, have complete confidence and to know the exact direction you need to go in.

You want to live your passion, be able to move forward and to stay on track.

But more than anything, you want to have a breakthrough with no doubt the income and impact is coming in your business.

Having worked with talented online entrepreneurs to gain confidence, clarity and results I know:

  • You still can’t get into the habit of shouting about yourself and what you do/know/think, etc.
  • You have dreams, but are afraid to go after them.
  • You try to stay positive, which is difficult when things aren’t going the way you expected.
  • Inspiration turns into confusion when you start to wonder if you’re in the right place, and doing the right thing.
  • You could do meetings, but struggle with Facebook videos.
  • There’s absolutely nothing to get feedback from online with the exception of a few arbitrary emojis (at least face to face you can pick up on something).
  • You need to take a step back after awhile on being very active on Facebook, etc., which isn’t very good for consistency but helps to keep you sane.

If this sounds familiar in your world as an online entrepreneur, you’re in the right place.

The journey of an entrepreneur is a mindset transformation, and it’s time to go deep.

I’ve been there myself, and still go there.

And it can be a struggle when you’re not getting the support you’d like from your spouse, family or friends. And you feel stuck when you don’t know who to turn to.

You might even feel ashamed that you don’t have the answers, especially when you’ve excelled in other areas of life.

The truth is that all the marketing and business courses aren’t going to help if the way you think, feel and believe are getting in the way.

I’m Kathleen Nightingale, and I work with powerful entrepreneurs like you who want to get focused, have complete confidence and break through to more abundance in their business and life.

Let’s not fool ourselves – we both know that your current situation isn’t serving you or helping others.

You’ve probably tried different programs, self-help books or YouTube videos to improve where you’re at.

But despite all your efforts, you find yourself feeling stuck time and time again, and you’re not sure what to do about it.

Want to know what’s missing? The right tools and support.

When you have people that believe in you, the right mentor and accountability to help you stay on track.

And when you break through the blocks that are keeping you in a state of lack, you’ll begin to see more money and more impact in your business and life.

Just imagine…

  • Getting past your fears, staying on track and having the support you need for consistency.
  • Having the focus and inspiration to get to where you want to go.
  • Feeling complete confidence to go after your dream.
  • Experiencing more clarity, joy and passion.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who believe in you.
  • Feeling comfortable doing the things you need to do to have the business and life you desire.
  • But you only get these results when you blast past your fears and take the action that’s needed.

Introducing The Butt-Kicking Biz Bootcamp: The ultimate online entrepreneur mastermind to keep your mindset on track and the results, impact and income happening in your business and life.

In this virtual mastermind that includes live, interactive calls, I’ll be doing coaching and providing tips that help you work with your subconscious mind (your “horsepower”), which is the fastest and most effective way to have a success mindset breakthrough.

I’ll show you how to be free of the fears and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, and gain the confidence you need to be authentic to who you are so that it all comes together.

Once you join this community of like-minded entrepreneurs, you’ll have the opportunity to get some one-to-one coaching during the live calls in addition to mindset tips and accountability.

The recorded live videos, daily posts, support and spur-of-the-moment courses in the exclusive Butt-Kicking Biz Bootcamp (BKBB) will give you the support to help you finally get to where you need to go.

I created the BKBB for entrepreneurs like you, who understand that to create success in their business, they must be willing to take that next step – and even a leap of faith.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and success mindset strategist, I realized that a mindset “protocol” was needed to keep myself focused, confident and to create more results in my business.

I knew that in order to have the success I wanted, I needed to have a breakthrough in my own thinking, feeling and believing.

Unlike other entrepreneur mindset programs, the BKBB leverages the power of the subconscious mind, so you can break through the challenges you face.

You don’t have to tell me what it’s like to be an entrepreneur who wants to make more money and have more success, but feels stuck. I’ve been there.

You may have read the book Think And Grow Rich which tells you WHAT to do, but I’ll show you HOW to do it.

As you experience this mastermind, you’ll realize how important it is to think in a certain way in order to have the success you desire.

I’ve designed this program so you can get access to all the guidance, tools and support you need.

With this program, you won’t need to invest thousands of dollars on a private coach. You also get the support of like-minded entrepreneurs in the BKBB mastermind.

And you won’t have to waste time and money finding an abundance mindset program that works for you.

The Butt-Kicking Biz Bootcamp costs just $97 per month, and I’m throwing in my Authentic Selling course for FREE when you sign up now.

The Authentic Selling course includes a confidence mindset video that explains how to use your mind in the most powerful way, and a sales script you can use to help you have a sales conversation that works with your potential buyers mind in the most effective way so you can get a YES!

If you’re thinking you’re too busy, the beauty of an online mastermind is that everything will be recorded and available if you can’t be there live.

If you’re just getting started, then it’s best to get going NOW rather than become stuck later and not see the results you want.

If you don’t trust yourself to commit to the mastermind, then maybe you shouldn’t do it. But, if you want to have a breakthrough in this area, then I welcome you to join us.

In no time at all, you’ll have the support, confidence and focus that you’ve needed to create more income, impact and freedom in your life. Lock in the introductory rate of only $97, and get Selling Authentically™ absolutely free! (A $97 value!)

  • When you sign up you will gain immediate access to the exclusive Butt-Kicking Biz Bootcamp Facebook group.
  • On day one of joining the group you’ll receive your login information to the membership site where you’ll have access to the Selling Authentically course.
  • We will be having live calls and support in the Facebook group, week by week to help you stay on track.
  • Besides live hot seat coaching, I’ll be doing live training in the group.

This program is for driven, action-taking entrepreneurs who want to have clarity, get unstuck, and create the income and impact they desire in their business.

This program is not for entrepreneurs who have complete focus, total confidence, are fearless, and have no problem having the impact, freedom and income they desire.

Kathleen’s Clients Have Said:

Kathleen focuses on her client and supporting their desire for clarity and moving forward.   I was feeling stuck and when I tried to look within and work through the issue solo, I wasn’t making a lot of progress.  Kathleen’s sessions provided the focused clarity to my next steps. Great results and grounding on how to proceed next. Karen Jones, personal development mentor, author and speaker.

“As a newly self-employed business owner, I have struggled with some of the stress that comes with being the owner/boss. After three sessions, not only do I love what I do on a daily basis – but I am sleeping much better at night, and my business continues to grow each month!” Christine Childree, Owner and Senior Living Advisor

“It has been wonderful working with Kathleen in recent months. She has shown never ending support and determination to help me grow and succeed. I can’t recommend her enough.” – Cheryl Taylor, Self Employed Writer/Book And Magazine Designer/Photographer

“I retired from mechanical design engineering 3 years ago and have been working to start a coaching, counseling service. Going from introvert to extrovert has been a bit of an exhausting, but enlightening trip. Kathleen has been instrumental in helping me with that journey.” – Carol Becker, Owner, Therapist at Universal Resources


How long is the BKBB? The online mastermind is ongoing, and is a monthly subscription (you can cancel at any time).

How is it delivered? The free Selling Authentically course is on the membership site (along with any future training that will be added), and live calls will be over Zoom with additional support in the exclusive Facebook group.

Is it a one time course access? You get Ongoing Access as long as you continue your membership.

Is the content dripped out? The content to the Selling Authentically course is immediately available, and any other training will be available on the membership site either as they occur if you’re in the group at the time, or they will be dripped out.

Are there any live calls? The live calls will be twice each week and will be recorded.

Will there be a Q&A? Kathleen will be available to answer questions in the group and on the live calls.

A personal message from Kathleen:

My life as been an exercise in working on my own mindset – particularly since becoming an online entrepreneur…

It really became apparent when I tried to follow my passion, which led to:

  • Lack of clarity as to what direction to go in because I didn’t believe in myself
  • Insecurities, which led to a lack money mindset
  • Confidence issues
  • Fear of rejection and fear of success
  • Other subconscious limiting beliefs
  • Confusion around my ideal client

Which seemed crazy coming from the corporate background where I was a high level business analyst professional, AND having the training to be a life coach and clinical hypnotherapist WITH an award-winning book.

I had also studied the great books on money mindset: Think And Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, The Law of Attraction, and more…

Then I realized that: Although they have great information on how I needed to BE, there wasn’t a system that helped me get from where I WAS to where I wanted to GO.

If only I had help with that, I wouldn’t have wasted the time (and the money) that I did.

And ultimately:

My passion is to help wonderful entrepreneurs like you live a life of purpose, freedom and abundance.

Allow me to help you have a breakthrough.

Don’t waste the time (and money) that I did.

Sign up for the Butt-Kicking Biz Bootcamp, where I motivate, educate and inspire you in a kind and loving way. Lock in the introductory rate of only $97, and get Selling Authentically™ absolutely free! (A $97 value!)